Scan Mirrors and Flat Optics

AOS works strategically with our customers to understand the application and develop custom configurations of SiC mirrors.

AOS provides grinding and fabrication services for your designs, or we’ll provide a custom designed product for you. AOS mirrors are available mounted and un-mounted in sizes between 50mm to 200-mm apertures with a range of reflective coatings. Mirrors 200 – 500 mm may be available as a special project.

AOS SiC mirror applications include ultra-high dynamic, low inertia scanning mirrors for laser processing, streak cameras, LIDAR, security, sensing and targeting applications, where the enhanced flexural strength, homogeneity, high resonant frequencies, ultra-low inertia, and optical surface quality are key.

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AOS is today’s premier supplier of silicon carbide optics

Silicon carbide optics – the material for optics with the highest combination of specific stiffness (E/ρ) and thermal stability (k/α). High specific stiffness, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion make SiC an ideal material for maintaining both optical and mechanical performance in rapidly changing thermal environments. SiC Optical Mirrors resist dynamic & gravitational deflection and enable sustained athermalized optical performance in thermally variable environments.

Key Benefits of Scan Mirrors

The Ultimate Opto-Mechanical Combination

Research and Development

We are now employing and continue to pioneer manufacturing techniques and technology to enable the insertion of composite ceramic materials into next generation optical sensors and imaging equipment.

  • Resistant to dynamic & gravitational deflection
  • Fast thermal stabilization
  • Optically finished to state of the art surface specs
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated mechanical fasteners
  • Standard and custom designs
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Quality Control

All optoSiC products are quality controlled at four separate stages

  • Post-sintering aspect ratio tolerance and micro-crack inspection. Inspected parts are traceable with unique ID markings for product type and serial number.
  • Post-polishing metrology and interferometry
  • Post-coating interferometry check
  • Post-coating reflection, environmental, abrasion and adhesion tests

All OEM product Quality Control data is provided to the customer. Standard product Quality Control details are available on request.

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