Satellite Telescopes

Precision Manufactured for Defense and Commercial Applications

Our telescope architecture can be adapted to specific customer needs with collaborative system engineering.

AOS’s Satellite Telescopes for constellation deployment

New project development matches specific customer requirements with the advantages of the AOS telescope design resulting in production-ready, dependable optical systems.

The AOS Advantage

All AOS satellite telescopes are made from Silicon Carbide (SiC) material. SiC is a ceramic material that enables lightweight, thermally insensitive and stable optical systems needed for low earth orbit earth imaging. SiC is space-proven with a history of successful programs for science and defense applications.

High Performance Custom Solutions

Our design and manufacturing team is available for your custom small satellite telescope projects. With decades of optical and mechanical design experience, we are your partner in all steps of the development process including requirements definition, sensor selection, optical/mechanical design and performance analysis. As one of a few companies in the world with in-house SiC optics manufacturing, we have unique insights into design techniques that provide for an optimized manufacturing process to provide cost effective, high performance small satellite telescopes.

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Unlimited Possibilities

At AOS, we want to be not only expert technologists, but the type of company you enjoy doing business with. We believe in creating an environment where creative solutions and innovation can thrive. Find out how we can work together by contacting us.