Reference Flats

Primary Features:

  • Size: 100-800 mm
  • Linear stage mirrors available up to 3000 mm in length
  • Flatness: up to 10 nm RMS
  • Surface Quality: up to 20-10
  • Coatings: Protected Gold, Enhanced Silver, Specialty Dielectrics
  • Special Designs: On Request
  • Materials: Fused Silica, Ohara ClearCeram-Z®, Schott Zerodur®, Corning ULE®, SiC, and NEXCERA ceramic

Description & Features

Standard Reference Flats & Mirrors are available in sizes from 12 inches through 24 inches and calibrated flatness  up to λ/30. Aperture Optical Sciences provides sales, service, and engineering support with manufacturing by our collaborative partner, Okamoto Optics, of Yokohama Japan. Reference Flats can be made for use in transmission or reflection and are available uncoated or with metallic and dielectric coating options.

The key advantage provided by the AOS – Okamoto Optics partnership is complete vertical integration and expert calibration. We don’t just provide large polished flats, we design, fabricate, coat, mount and provide final calibration of the entire system. Follow the link here for information on our standard and custom mounting solutions.

Ordering Information

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