5-Axis Optics Mount

Primary Features:

  • Mirror Size: 200 – 600 mm
  • Design optimized to preserve optical wavefront quality of mirror
  • Modular kinematic frame design
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Adjustment: Manual or motorized
  • Actuator Travel: +/- 12.5-mm
  • Environment: Vacuum or Air
  • Ultra High Resolution low-backlash differential actuators
  • Optional remote control system

Description & Features

The AOS 5-Axis Optic Mount is a high-precision manual-adjustment mount for aspheric optics with micron-class linear adjustment and micro-radian-class angular adjustment. Its flexured design provides friction-free and hysteresis-free operation, and unparalleled stability and clean operation.

AOS large aperture optical mounts provide ultra-precise angular positioning, stability, and most importantly, preservation of wavefront quality. All mount and optics systems come calibrated together.


Our mounts are designed not only to meet precise mechanical requirements but to enable optimization of wavefront quality and alignment of state of the art aspheric optics.

Manual Versions have 6 high precision differential actuators built with internal flexures for smooth motion. Motorized versions are equipped with 5 stepper motors, with remote control box and wireless tablet controller. All mounts are available for ambient or vacuum use.



Ordering Information

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