Modular Optics Frames

Primary Features:

  • Kinematic Placement Features for repeatable mounting
  • Vacuum Compatible
  • Accommodates customer defined interface fasteners
  • Standard covers and handle for optics protection

Description & Features

Simple design, with not so simple applied engineering. AOS frames are precision engineered and designed to hold the optic in exactly the lowest stress manner possible, with exceptional repeatability. All frames are assembled in a clean room environment and made for vacuum compatibility.

  • Optic surfaces may be cleaned if necessary without interference from the Aluminum
  • The surface and optic coating never come in direct contact with the frame, this avoids creation of particulates and damage to the optic.
  • Space between the optic and the frame allows for movement of air around the optic and enables fast and uniform thermal stabilization.
  • Frame and mount systems are fully vacuum compatible.
  • The frame serves as both, shipping and storage container.

Ordering Information

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