Laser Optics

Primary Features:

  • Flatness: Up to λ/100 rms
  • Sizes from: 50mm – 1000 mm
  • Surface Quality: 20-10 & better
  • Coating: HR, AR, B/S, Polarizers for λ = 351-1550
  • Materials: Glass, & Glass Ceramics, F.S, Nd- Phosphate, HAP, YCOB, BBO, LBO
  • Custom Designs: Call for specifications and availability
  • Damage Threshold: Call for latest data

Description & Features

Making optics with high laser damage threshold requires a comprehensive approach to process design and control. As metrology is integral to process design we’ve invested into both R&D and special equipment to provide our customers with unique capabilities.

Some of our unique capabilities derive from a strategic relationship with Okamoto Optics Works of Yokohama Japan and Plymouth Grating Laboratory. Special resources available at Okamoto Optics include a 4.3m polishing machine and a 2-meter electron beam coating chamber with IAD (Ion Assisted Deposition). Special metrology tools include a 700-mm aperture phase measuring interferometer, Zygo NewView 6000 white light interferometric microscope.

Through our partners at Plymouth Grating Laboratory we also have access to large aperture interferometry at 1053-nm, and SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) . We augment these special capabilities at AOS, with aspheric optics manufacturing and systems design and integration. Our experience along with our equipment have enabled us to develop processes which both optimize laser damage threshold while also controlling film stress and wavefront quality. This is critical to producing optics that maintain wavefront stability and film integrity in vacuum environments.


Damage Threshold

Our coatings have been tested by Osaka University Institute of Laser Engineering, SPICA, Sandia National Laboratory, Laboratory for Applied Optics (France), Ohio State University, and CEA.


Coatings are available for 526-nm, 1054-nm and broadband coatings for center wavelengths at either 800 or 900 nm. Our OOW-HRV-800-45 design provides nearly 200-nm of bandwidth.

Ordering Information

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