Custom Solutions

Primary Features:

  • for optics 50-800 mm
  • Manual or Motorized Actuation
  • Ambient or Vacuum Operation

Description & Features

AOS is committed to providing custom mounting solutions for any of the optics we make. Without appropriate mounting, optics cannot perform as intended or according to their manufactured quality. A well engineered support structure as well as a sensitive and stable positioning system are fundamental to achieving optimized alignment. Even if you’ve not considered an AOS mount for your product, please consider the following questions:

  1. Will my component distort due to gravity?
  2. Does my holding mechanism overconstrain the optical component?
  3. Are my positioners accurate enough to obtain and maintain sub-wavelength alignment?
  4. Is it necessary to calibrate the performance of my component in my intended mount?

The answers to these questions illustrate our value proposition. Talk to us today about the value an AOS custom solution may provide.

Ordering Information

Send us your drawings or specifications and we’ll begin preparing a quote for you.

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