Motorized Gimbal Mount

Primary Features:

  • Mirror Diameter: 300 – 600 mm
  • Design optimized to preserve optical wavefront quality of mirror
  • Sling support system
  • Actuator Travel: +/- 25-mm
  • Environment: Vacuum or Air
  • Ultra High Resolution low-backlash differential actuators

Description & Features

The 2 axis Motorized Gimbal is a high-precision mount for Flat reference optics or aspheric optics with micron-class linear adjustment and micro-radian-class angular adjustment.002 copy

The Motorized Gimbal Mount system consists of a precision mirror, sling mounted in a double gimbal assembly. The mirror is polished on both sides, allowing it to be used as a reference mirror from either the front or rear of the mount. The interface between the glass mirror and the mechanical system is a modified sling system with adjustable dampening. A center channel is fabricated into the edge of the mirror to enable centering devices built into the sling to keep the sling centered on the mirror at all times.

Tip and Tilt alignment of the mirror is controlled through either a touch-screen controller or a windows based computer. Tip and Tilt actuators are built into the base of the mount and activate the Gimbals. AOS custom actuators are designed for high stability, smooth motion, and nearly zero backlash. The mount is made of aluminum-machined components and may be used in a clean room environment.

Reference Mirror systems are delivered with complete calibration data.

The Motorized Gimbal Mount may be used for Interferometer Transmissive reference flats (TF) or for reflectance flats (RF).

Systems ship with all electronics, users guide, on-site training, and unlimited remote support.




The Tip/tilt mechanism is remotely controlled from a distance of up to 10m
Interface functions include:
Incremental movement of each axis with an increment below 0.1 arcsec
Position stability of 0.1 arcsec on each axis
Coarse adjustment of each axis with a max. movement speed of at least 4° / min
Emergency off
Tip/Tilt mechanism supports rotations of the mirror by at least 2 degrees about the X axis and 2 degree about the Y axis
The deviation of the horizontal rotation axis from its nominal orientation parallel to the mechanical IF surface is less than 0.1°
The deviation of the mutual angle between the two rotation axes from 90° is less than 0.1°
Incremental motion of up to 1 arc-min about one axis is independent of the other axis by less than 0.1 arcsec
The backlash of the tip tilt mechanism is less than 1 arcsec for any axis.
The mount is compatible to ISO 5 clean room standard
The mount will operate reliably at least 1500h of operation without maintenance.
The operational temperature range is 18° C to 22 °C
Operational Relative humidity range is 30 % to 70%
There is no need for lubrication of bearings.
Modified dampened sling support system for low gravitational deflection
High sensitivity orthogonal Tip/Tilt control is motorized and controlled by a hand-held controller with multiple speeds of motion
Mount is made of aluminum construction with a durable anodize finish
Eyebolts are located on the mount for easy lifting with an overhead crane
Lock-down hardware for fixing position on metrology table

Ordering Information

Mount options available for Optics 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm diameter
> 600 mm by special request
Select ambient or vacuum operation
Centerline as per customer request
Select Fused Silica, 4% RF, or 90% RF Optics
Lead-time 8 weeks, or delivered with optics according to optics lead time.

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