2-Axis Manual Mount

Primary Features:

  • Available for Mirrors 150-600 mm in diameter
  • Vacuum and Non-vacuum compatible Versions
  • Hardened Steel bearing surfaces
  • Lockable positions
  • Kinematic interface plate Locks into both Metric and English breadboards
  • Manual Tip / Tilt Adjustors

Description & Features

AOS 2-axis manual mounts are well engineered for long term stability and simple operation. We make our mounts as we want to use them:  stable, smooth translation, minimally constrained to preserve wavefront quality, durable, and with high sensitivity actuators. Our two axis manual mount has lockable positions, and a universal kinematic interface plate. The plate fits into any English or Metric breadboard with with M6 or 1/4-20 threaded screws. The AOS 2-Axis Manual mount is made for dependability and with simplicity that is designed for any budget.

Ordering Information

When ordering, please tell us:

  • Optic diameter and thickness (or L x W  x T)
  • Centerline height of optic
  • Use environment
  • Contact us today to speak with an applications engineer.