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Optics for Lasers, Semiconductor Applications, and Research

A Legacy of Precision for Over 80 Years

Okamoto Optics manufactures a broad range of custom optics from ceramic gain media for lasers, to large specialty prisms, aspheric lenses, diffraction gradings and bar mirrors up to 3 meters long. Full production capabilities are available to our customers outside of Japan through AOS. Chances are good that if you need something unique and high precision, we can find a solution for you.

Okamoto Optics has been in business for over 80 years and is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals networked with large universities, research institutes and major industrial companies like NEC, Canon, Mitsubishi and others.

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The AOS - Okamoto Optics Team

Global Partnership

Although AOS and Okamoto Optics are independent companies, our teams have been working together for over 30 years as industrial partners. We share responsibilities of mutual representation around the world and collaborate on product and technology development. When you work with AOS, you have the backing of the full staff and resources of Okamoto Optics, and vise-versa for customers already working with Okamoto Optics. Together we are nearly 100 people strong with a diverse skill set and international culture.

Optics for High Energy Lasers

Products Available: Mirrors, Windows, Polarizers, Lenses, Ceramic Gain Media

Size: from 50 mm to 1000 mm

Key Advantages:

  • Low Mid-Spatial Frequency Errors for uniform wavefront control
  • High Damage Laser Damage Threshold, for long lasting optics
  • Broadband and Low stress coatings for consistent performance and longevity

Ask about our re-conditioning service.

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Linear Bar Mirrors

for high accuracy stages and linear position control

Size Range < 3 meters

Flatness up to 63 nm and local gradient within 4 microradians

For X-Ray applications gradient within 300 nano-radians

Materials: Zero expansion Ceramics, SiC, Si, Zerodur, & Clearceram

Coatings: Metallic and Dielectric options

Advanced Thin Film Coatings

The finishing element of any precision optical component is the coating. The coating is not only critical for managing energy transmission and reflection, but also preservation of the wavefront quality. Many people Laser Slabhave experienced how most coatings can degrade the optical quality of precision mirrors. Stress intraditional metallics and MLD coating can add up to 200 MPa of  load to the surface of the optic. Our dielectric coatings have less than a 10% this always. We achieve this by meticulously controlling the structure of each layer we deposit and design our coatings not only for their spectral requirements but also for preserving the wavefront. No other coating company guarantees this – however, we must because we make the optics too.


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Japanese Language Website: www.okamoto-optics.co.jp

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