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With customers worldwide, AOS optics enable applications in ultra-high resolution imaging, industrial lasers, aerospace, and science.

AOS is the leading US manufacturer of SiC optics. We also produce large aperture off-axis parabolas and other aspheres. Through our partner Okamoto Optics, we provide laser optics and custom solutions. AOS optics are deployed around the world in aerospace imaging systems, industrial scanners, research facilities using advanced lasers, and remote sensing applications.

We are an independent US-owned corporation located in Central Connecticut with partners in Europe and Asia. The name comes from the term “Aperture”, an opening enabling the passage of light, and symbolizes what we provide our customers and employees–a pathway for new ideas and creative solutions using light.

Optics for Lasers, Semiconductor Applications, and Research

Together, AOS and Okamoto Optics manufacture a broad range of custom optics from ceramic gain media for lasers, to large specialty prisms, aspheric lenses, diffraction gradings and bar mirrors up to 3 meters long. Full production capabilities are available to our customers outside of Japan through AOS. Chances are good that if you need something unique and high precision, we can find a solution for you.

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Quality is built into our work at all levels.

Innovation & Partnership

Contact us today and tell us about your project or product. We provide comprehensive engineering support including design, drawings, and inputs for manufacturability that will help to balance both the performance of your product and your budget.