Thin Film Coatings

Through Okamoto Optics, AOS makes extensive coating capabilities available for both development and production.

We provide evaporated coatings for a wide range of applications and specialize in large optics and coatings for high laser damage threshold. In 2009 we began producing high damage threshold coatings for short pulse applications, which demonstrate both broadband and low GVD performance. The process was built upon process technology we used extensively for longer pulse coatings and has been adapted to offer advantages over more conventional sputtered coatings, including a High Damage Threshold and Stress Control.

Using ion-assist, we partially densify each coating layer to a design specification to actively tune stress during the deposition. This allows us to balance tensile and compressive stresses in the composite coating, as well as make low-stress multilayer coatings for tight wavefront control of mirrors. Please see our growing list of publications (here).

Features & Capabilities

Comprehensive Design & Control

  • Size: Up to 1700 mm
  • Coating Types: HR, AR B/S from 400 — 2000 nm
  • Surface Quality: Up to 20/10, < 10 A RMS roughness
  • Metal Coatings: Al, Ag, Au + high damage threshold coatings
  • Low defect & low roughness optics
  • Ion-assisted deposition
  • Film stress measurement and control
  • Large aperture interferometry after coating
  • Coatings for high laser damage threshold
  • Short pulse laser optics coatings

Tech Specs

Coatings are available for 526-nm, 1054-nm and broadband coatings for center wavelengths at either 800 or 900 nm. Our OOW-HRV-800-45 design provides nearly 200-nm of bandwidth.  Metallic coatings are provided through our qualified network of partners worldwide.

*image courtesy of Plymouth Grating Laboratory

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