Systems Engineering

Manufacturing the most sophisticated optics in the world requires a strong core competency in precision design.

Engineering precision mechanical systems requires an intimate knowledge of fundamental principles of physics combined with the experience in the field to realize both functional and elegant design. We apply our experience as researchers, experimentalists, optics manufacturers and metrologists to guide our process design, tool and fixture design, and product development.

We employ a number of familiar software platforms in our engineering operations including Zemax, Optilayer (thin film design), and SolidWorks.

Innovation is Built into Every Product

Creative Solutions for "Enabling" Products

With our modern optics fabrication laboratory and expertise in Robotic and Conventional polishing we work with nano tolerances to create exceptional products that perform at the emerging state of the art. Our Customers have applied AOS solutions in the following applications:

  • Airborne Imaging & Missile Defense
  • Ultra-fast lasers, Energy Research, Nuclear Physics
  • UV/IR & XRAY Astronomy
  • Industrial Lasers
  • Particle accelerators

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