Optical Metrology

Rule #1: “You can’t make it if you can’t measure it.”

We believe intelligent manufacturing begins with a smart metrology strategy

That’s why all our project plans begin with
engineering a reliable test plan.

We employ the most precise interferometric technology available and augment these tools with engineered methods and analysis. We begin all our process plans from the final test plan and work back through the process integrating precise metrology throughout. We apply finite element gravitational deflection analysis to minimize errors in mounting and testing. We prepare detailed error budgets to all critical tests to ensure that the test data accurately reports the performance demanded by our customers’ specifications. See our growing list of publications addressing optical metrology (Read More).

Our customers are invited to inspect our products on-site and participate in the final product qualifications.

Modern Metrology Resources

Precise test data is key to efficient manufacturing

Wavefront data is collected for all optics manufactured by AOS. We pay particular attention to the full power spectrum of results. The test configuration as well as the interferometer ultimately determines the resolution possible for the test.

Advanced Metrology Facilities

Precision Metrology  is key to delivering a high-quality optics

  • Modern optics fabrication lab
  • Dynamic and Temporal mode interferometry
  • Clean-room assembly
  • White light scanning profilometry
  • 3D mechanical surface measurement and optical analysis
  • Large format data stitching
  • Reference calibration software and methods
  • Full power spectrum analysis

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