Computer Controlled Polishing

Robotic and Conventional Polishing Expertise

Technology for grinding and polishing aspheric and other optical surfaces automatically and deterministically

Aperture Optical Sciences Inc. applies two unique technologies, Zeeko robotic grinding and polishing and QED’s magnetorheological (MRF) polishing. Both technologies address the growing demand for high performance aspheric lenses and mirrors for industry and science. We offer MRF polishing through our partner Okamoto Optics and provide Zeeko Robotic polishing on optics up to 800 mm in diameter in our advanced fabrication facility in Central Connecticut. Read more about our approach in our publication, “Aspheric Finishing of Glass and SiC Optics” here.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

Control of mid and high-spatial frequency amplitudes in polished surfaces requires an engineered approach to process design that optimizes material selection, chemistry, tool design, and tool path strategies. Aperture Optical Sciences Inc. both develops and employs state of the art techniques for process optimization to maximize optical performance and process predictability.

  • Modern optics fabrication lab
  • Robotic & Conventional polishing expertise
  • Clean-room assembly
  • Advanced Optical Metrology

Computer Controlled Polishing

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