Sen. Blumenthal visits AOS

Senator Richard Blumenthal visited AOS on April 10th to find out how the SBIR program was helping business and job growth in Connecticut’s small businesses. Senator Blumenthal took time for a quick photo with Flemming and his son David.

“Aperture is really at the forefront and is a cutting edge of technology focused business,” Blumenthal said.

In addition to developing products for airborne vision systems, customers use the firm’s optics in high energy lasers, remote sensing, optical lithography and a variety of scientific research applications.

“My visit [at Aperture] was very exciting,” Blumenthal said. “They showed me new products, their research and development and prototypes their developing which are hugely important for national defense applications as well as civilian uses.”

While touring the firm, Blumenthal said he learned how much the business has grown in the past few years.

Posted: April 9, 2012