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Aperture Optical Sciences designs and manufactures precision optics components and systems for space–based imaging and optical communications, high energy lasers, airborne imaging, and industrial machines and instruments. We employ advanced technologies for making high resolution satellite telescopes, aspheric mirrors, and have championed the implementation of Silicon Carbide Optics in the commercial marketplace.

AOS optics are deployed around the world in aerospace imaging systems, industrial scanners, research facilities using advanced lasers, and remote sensing applications. With partners in Asia and Europe, we support customers worldwide.

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Satellite Telescopes

AOS telescope solutions for imaging and optical communications

Precision Optics

AOS is the leading US manufacturer of SiC optics and is a world recognized supplier of focusing optics of Petawatt class lasers around the world. We collaborate with partners around the world to support our customers in more than 15 countries. AOS optics can also be found in space, with an installed base in more than 40 satellites in operation today.

Large Aperture Mounts

Precision optics performance depends on intelligent mount solutions to preserve optical quality and provide high stability alignment. Our opto-mechanical products perform to the same optical standards as our components.

With customers worldwide, AOS optics enable applications in ultra-high resolution imaging, industrial lasers, aerospace, and science.

Our customers are researchers, product developers & technologists. We add value by providing rare expertise in robotic optical fabrication, design for manufacturability and assembly, and verifying product performance using optical metrology.

We take Customer Care seriously, because it is the underlying foundation of our client relationships. We want you to have confidence that we will provide you with the highest quality products and services. We believe in open, accessible communication with our customers to provide a unique collaborative relationship.

We are an independent US-owned corporation located in Central Connecticut with partners in Europe and Asia.

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